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Power of Ketones 
"Ketones can provide as much as 70% of the brain’s energy needs, more efficiently than glucose. The is why we see better focus ~ mental clarity ~ cognition ~ mood and energy"
#2 Better Energy
"Ketone are energy they have calories and are the cleanest burning fuel your body can have. They increase ATP production prove a stable energy for an extended time and now are the fuel of choice for most elite  athletes and CEOs."
#3 Fat Loss
"Ketones help directly with fat metabolism and increase brown fat (good fat) and decreasing white fat (bad fat). They also are amazing at helping with appetite reduction in a person needed fat loss and reducing sugar and carb cravings (good for everyone). They just work!!! "
#4 Better MOod
"Ketones directly help with vital neurotransmitters that are important for better mood. They also help the mood indirectly by increasing energy, performance, cognition and for course with craving for carbs and sugars, it just makes us happier."
"Ketones help combat the aging process, boost energy, and improve digestion and also helps initiate muscle growth and 
prevents muscle breakdown –providing high quality fuel– perfect for advanced post workout muscle repair and recovery."
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100% Pure Therapeutic   Drinkable  Ketones 
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The greatest health drink of the 21st century 
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